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The shortage of Semiconductor MCU in the first half of the year has not improved

Issuing time:2018-12-27 00:00

Earlier this year, En Zhipu, the leader of automotive electronic chips, launched the global microcontroller chip increase this year, announcing that it will increase the quotations of its various product lines from the previous quarter, with MCU up 6%, and the market is expected to be out of stock for a whole year.

Since last year (2017), the delivery time of MCU products has been extended from four months to six months for many MCU manufacturers around the world, and it is even rarer for Japanese MCU manufacturers to extend up to nine months. According to Taiwan media reports, Italian-French Semiconductor's demand for automotive electronics increased sharply in the second half of last year, resulting in a serious shortage of products. Other IDM factories such as Deyi, Reza and Enzhipu also experienced the same situation. Delay of delivery lasted from three months to six months. Many downstream customers transferred orders to Taiyuan, Xintang and other beneficiaries.

Semiconductor shortages in Italy and France include 8-bit MCU, Cortex M0/M3/M4 and other products with extended delivery dates. So far, the situation has not improved in the first quarter of this year, and the industry believes that it will be difficult to improve in the first half of this year. In addition, the media pointed out that in 2018, Apple's new iPhone will be fully imported into 3D sensing. Semiconductor Semiconductor, as a few suppliers and IDM plants, will continue to squeeze out MCU capacity.

According to market semiconductor intelligence data, most of the global electronic products manufacturing operations were quite prosperous last year. Even Japanese semiconductor factories have not seen a positive growth for many years, which has driven the sales of IC chips and other electronic components to rise. It is predicted that the global demand for automotive electronics and Internet of Things applications will continue to explode and grow. Under the full capacity of silicon wafer factories, the global MCU market in 2018 will continue to face a shortage of supply throughout the year.

Liu Qing, senior analyst at IHS Markit, said that some manufacturers and upstream Fabs (manufacturers) had begun to increase their product supply capacity in the second half of 2017, but it still needed two or three quarters to fully release these new capacity, so supply constraints are expected to continue until the first half of 2018.

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