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The average age of the staff is 27 years old. They are a young and high-quality team.


The company adopts professional ERP and CRM software system to efficiently manage customer, supplier, transaction and demand information, so as to provide accurate, timely and convenient services.


      Company characteristics

All trading customers with the company will adopt the credit cumulative management system and qualification audit to continuously strengthen the supply channel.


Set up a membership system to provide intimate service to customers according to the trading status, years and amount of partners.

Company concept
It demonstrates the attitude of enterprise management. We firmly believe that only those enterprises that are good at innovating customer service and creating a humanistic environment can be trusted and supported by customers and employees. Only when the interests of shareholders, employees and customers are closely linked, can we seek the future of the enterprise, and only when the values of partners are united, can we develop each other's undertakings.
It embodies the concept of enterprise management. We firmly believe that only when enterprises keep pace with the times and keep pace with the times can they continue to develop healthily and steadily.
science and technology
Reflecting the ideal pursued by the enterprise, we hope to make Xinshike Electronics a first-class company in the electronic distribution industry by basing on the high-tech industry and serving high-tech customers, and train the employees to be first-class talents in the industry, so as to provide first-class service for customers. Ultimately achieve coexistence and win-win situation.
Corporate Mission

Committed to production of Chinese brand components;

Corporate Vision

To be leader in electronic components industry;

Vision Statement
Continuously exceed industry standards through cooperation and innovation among its talent team, and grow to be a top-grade electronic components enterprise, with the aim  to meet the requirement of both our customers and employees.

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